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Wikipseudia: A Platform for alternative truth. Wikipseudia is a bureau for seemingly useless knowledge. We accept questions, of all kinds, and find appropriate, subjective answers for them.


Do we know for sure that truth exists? Does truth know for sure? That does truth want? What wants truth? Truth with who? Who steers us in truth? Does truth sometimes sit? Sometimes we find truth. Is truth sometimes?


In the process of fabricating a truth artists receive a question submitted by people through the website:, these questions will form the basis of an artistic research which depends on the subjectivity of the artist, resulting in a box full of information of all kinds which will be given to the one asking the question.


Wikipseudia is the result of a one day collective in which we searched for the different characters of knowledge, finding comfort in the idea that new 'truths' mostly come into existence by bold statements (Kuhn, Popper), truth there for doesn't have to be so static as we might sometimes think it is. Another important notion is the question if there's something as truth 'fur mich' and truth 'an sich'.