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Vrijbrief: is a series of workshops in a prison in the Netherlands. It is a sequel to 13,80m2 with which we started our research into stereotypes and prison. Prison is a secularised discourse, meaning that everything we know about it is based on movies and fantasies - not on real experience or interaction. We tried to bridge this gap together with the prisoners, resulting in a monument for society.


Trough this workshop we investigated the world of a prisoner and we tried to offer them ways of engaging with the world they have been separated from. Difficulties as being a prisoner before being a human being, dehumanising systems, failing interaction with the outside world as well as a lot of frustrations towards the prison system itself were spoken about. Through different media we offered them ways of engaging with the outside works, eventually resulting in this 'Vrijbrief' best translated as open letter to society, in which they could tell the outside world whatever they wanted.