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The Vakbond voor Transgressie (Union for Transgression, later referred to as VvT) is committed to serve the interests of boundary shifters: first of all to actualize their practises and find ethical and sublimated ways to positions them in our world.  As with other kinds of unions the VvT uses a few methods to do so. The VvT  engage in enhancing the overall position of boundary shifters.


As for the position and reputation of many boundary shifters isn't ideal, the VvT sees it as her task to offer boundary shifters the possibility the professionalize their practice and offers the possibility to engage not only with themselves but with fellow boundary shifters and with the world. For their capabilities and position in the world is way to valuable and important to be left untouched.


The way we deal with problems in our society has been the same for thousands of years, yet we keep walking into the same kind of problems as war, shortages, migrations and poverty, with all their consequences. The VvT has noticed that the time is there to find a new way of engaging with  problems we face as a society and sees a great possibility in anyone who dares to exceed the boundaries of our society and culture. Therefore, it wants to strengthen their position and help them be able to face the world in more or less a constructive way, to prepare them to build the future.


To see some of the projects of the VvT you'll have to look for the emblem on this website, or look on


Do you want to know a little more about the Union for Transgression? Read it's magazine 'Grensgebied' (Borderland).