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The Logistics of Politics: is an examination into the fundamental materiality that makes politics possible. It investigates how certain materials define the ontological status of politics. Materials as newsprint paper and a substance of white clay and graphite - which is used to make pencils - suddenly do not form the backdrop of a certain meaning, but the prime vocal point. This deconstruction allows us to look behind the layers of ideology, and see what ideology needs to be in the world. To activate the lifeless material, some objects have been equipped with different kinds motors. A selection of these objects are:


Absolute Simulacrum is a curtain, the instance of hiding and revealing, made of Mylar - a highly reflective material that is  used to keep people warm after disasters. Now the instance of hiding hides itself as well.


5V World is a mobile of all the landmasses of the world. It's the politicians' dream object.


Wishing (you) Well is a reinterpretation of the act of applying meaning to the world. It diminishes the instance that holds together the different parts of the world into a Baudrilardian simulation. The glue that would normally bond this merge of meaning now is nothing more than the instance of reflecting that which gives meaning - the actor that applies it to the world.


1.5V Ideology is a motorised table flag. The object of ideology and national identity - an analogue object - has been automatised to reveal the functioning mechanisms of apparatuses behind it.

Top: 5V world. Mid: Absolute Simulations. Left bottom: Fossilised Metaphors

Wishing (you) Well

1.5V Ideology

Speech Act


Fossilised Metaphors

Left: 5V Logistics. Right: 12V Logistics.