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Subversive Future Development: Is a workshop in which participants are asked to develop a plan which is by principle forbidden but which does adress and hopefully help resolve a problem which the participants have brought themselves. Through artistic methods and roleplaying they develop a plan, just like any other plan, with aspects as finance to implementation.


Imagine: you can be anyone you want to be, don their coat, pick up their props and influence the world to your liking. What problems would you address, and how? What would that world look like? In order to change things, you have to imagine them first. Anything, from the refugee crisis or the war in Syria, to a migraine or a family emergency, in this workshop we will think of different or subversive ways of considering the world. To this end, we will employ instruments used in the business and financial sector, such as strategic mapping and role-play.


The participants were asked to prepare the following:

1) Think about the role or character you would like to play (for instance, a dictator, baker, delivery woman, caretaker…)

2) Bring a prop that fits this role or character

3) Bring a problem you would like to address


Underneath you will find some short summaries of the workshop. The following content is in Dutch.


More about the VvT: