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Arts tutoring society, ATS: the arts tutoring society is a free tutoring service for arts students provided by experienced master students from the arts or related fields of study such as philosophy, politics or visual cultures. The society is located at the Goldsmiths College, University of London in New Cross (South-East London) and supported by the Goldsmiths Student Union. I started ATS in 2017 and I am the president since.


Our team members, working from a broad spectrum of professions, offer free tutoring conversations at your studio for the duration of an hour. Through this service, we want to offer students the necessary support with their artistic practice. Our tutors offer a valuable insight into the ‘outside world’ but the perils of art academy art still fresh on their minds.


If a student want a conversation with one of our tutors, they check the schedule for the days and times they are available and send one of them an email. There is no limit to the amount of tutoring conversations one can schedule with our tutors and students don’t have to be in the arts department to be able to talk with our tutors. We also work outside ‘office hours’ – meaning that conversations can take place at any time of the day.


Of course, the conversations are explicitly aimed at developing ones artistic practise though we are also open to other matters you want to talk about.

On this page you will find side-project I do professionally as well as on a voluntary basis. These projects are closely linked to my artistic practise but my function in them is not primarily artistic: so in the projects that I show here I function as a manager, organiser or as an volunteer. I show these projects because I feel that at the periphery of the artistic practise a lot of the core is reflected. Of course this does not mean these projects are something completely different from my artistic practise, but it shows the societal function I tend to pursue along my artistic practise: it shows the human behind the artist.

Vrij radicaal, radicaal vrij (free radical, radical free) is an intern-project in collaboration with ArtEZ University of the Arts and the prison in Arnhem-South. During this project, the students will interact with the prisoners in order to design an artistic yet research based project which will result in a series of workshops designed for the prisoners and other institutes within the prison. The central research subject is the relation between radicalisation and prisons, which have been associated with each other in recent scientific articles. The aim therefore is to generate a more inclusive and rehabilitation-aimed climate within the walls of a prison. This encompasses the whole institution and its parts, not just the radicals, i.e. the prisoners.


The project is organised by me and Sietse Visser, a member of the mental health care team of the prison. Other supervisors are the mental health care team, the custodians, Youri Appelo and Willem Bosschaart.


For more information, and the result of this project which endures from mid 2017 unit early 2018 can be later be found on this page.