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ruru buitendienst: Ruru Buitendienst (Arnhem) is a research group that comes forth of the Sonsbeek 2016 exhibition which is curated by ruangrupa*, an artistic collective from Jakarta (Indonesia). "Central to ruangrupa’s practice is an exploration into the right to the city, citizenship and communal usage of (public) space."** One of their methods of curating the show is the ruru huis: "a public living room where ruangrupa and the inhabitants of Arnhem can meet, share stories, experiences and memories."**. central to ruangrupa's working methods is that they explicitly engage participants and influence from outside in their project. They title it as collecting stories.


This is where Ruru Buitendienst comes into play: when one only collects stories they become function-less, stories live in the transaction. It's like a library that doesn't lend books. RBA believes that stories have to be developed, tested an eventually brought back into society. Therefor we research these stories on a theoretical, practical and artistic base after which the results are 'broadcasted' through existing and new media channels.


Do you want to know more about the ruru buitendienst, and follow our progress? visit our website


Through the past one and a half year we've organized multiple events as alternative walks through Arnhem: an eclectic walk, a hidden gardens walk, an alley walk, a power net walk, a forbidden walk, a skyline walk, a derive walk, a graffiti walk and a walk through park Sonsbeek. In preparation to these walks we've done a public reading group in which we we've read the Algemene Plaatselijke-


Verordening, which is a local law text about what can and cannot be done in public space. We've selected a few article on which the walks are based and we've tried to find holes and 'shortcuts' in these texts. These choices are based on the interests and research field of our researchers as time, transgression, pop culture and feminism. All the researchers have also developed their own research through the past one and a half year which concluded in artistic interventions and artistic experiments. Of these a short publication is made.


Please check our Facebook or website to find all the results, publication and a podcast of all the walks (so that you can walk them as well)


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