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Protest Supplies Store(PSS): is an online web shop where you can buy anything you will need for protest. The store has s ll growing range of products which respond and correspond to different forms of protest, either as a method/support, a parody or as a criticism. The web store is fully functional and contains real, mostly hand made products. Correspondingly, within the ‘A protesters blog’ page, articles on different forms of protest can be found. It consists of two series, ‘What is protest?...’ and ‘Protest and...’. The  first elaborates on the concept of protest through different thinkers and ideas and the second investigates different practises and methods of protest. The Protest Supplies Stores sells its products under the banner of ‘Your protest. Readymade’. It removes the hassle and dazzle of organising your own protest. In addition, it is an a empt to move protest into the domain people are very comfortable with: buying, in order to popularize it.


Check out the webshop to find all the products and articles.