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Plakzuilactie: What would people do if they could out themselves completely uncensorized and anonymous? What if they are offered a chance to do that in the public domain, with graffiti. A form of expression that's often used by street-artist but that's best know for its reputation for being a method of vandalizing.


The first intervention by the Union of Transgression (VvT) is set on a column for pasting  in the hearth of Arnhem (Gelderland, The Netherlands). this column is meant for expression of freedom of speech in the public domain. These columns are slowly disappearing out of the landscape of the public domain; people tend to prefer the digital domain more. It turns out that these columns are now mostly used for commercial purposes, which is forbidden.


In Februari 2016 the VvT occupied one of these columns for twelve days. The complete column has been covered by a white canvas of which hang four graffiti cans. According to the spray rate the cans were replaced with different colors. Every morning and every night pictures have been made to follow the progress.


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