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De grensverlegger van het jaar 2016-award: (written by Hans Bossmann, rewritten in English by Eef Veldkamp.)


Artist Hans Bossmann from Haarlem has been awarded the ‘grensverlegger van het jaar 2016-award’ on Saturday the thirst of December. He’s the winner of this new award which has been erected by the Vakbond voor Transgressie (Union for Transgression). The second price was for Joke Berendsen from Meppel and the third for Saskya Kamps from Arnhem.


The initiator of the union and the award, Eef Veldkamp: “Hans has succeeded in reshaping the deterministic system of traffic signs. He shows us, with his colouring picture, how systems work and that - and how - they can be changed.  Next to that it pleases us to know that Hans has really enjoyed working on his project, he loves to try to understand things." According to Eef apart the fact the we must rethink our society, we must also do it in a way we can enjoy it.


The award is meant to show the importance of freethinking through shifting borders to the world. The Vakbond voor Transgressie selects ethical and sublime way to make this visible and to unite boundary shifters (=grensverleggers). The ‘colouring competition’ is a good example, for it engages participants into the almost impossible mission to draw outside the lines within the lines. It’s an invitation the re-examine the systems and structures that dictate daily life: without necessarily destroying what they're made of.


The ceremony took place at Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, because we can learn a lot about ourselves by spectating animals and their enclosures. The winners were guided in this process by two guides of which Eric de Blok (zoologist, psychologist) said: “everything in nature has a purpose, it’s jet the task to discover what purpose…who can see this will see a lot of opportunities” & “nature doesn’t recover, as don’t we, it just moves on - as should we”.


The unique award is made of brass and is transported in a specially designed suitcase. It’s an example of an artwork that’s not just conceptual but also symbolical and made with expertise. Every year a new competition will be organised and a matching award will be designed. The second and third place received a hand made medal.


More about the VvT:

Credit pictures: Eline de Bruijn