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Graffiti walk: For centuries graffiti has been part of the cityscape. Despite the fact that it's there to been seen we've gotten so used to it that we often don't even notice it anymore (unless it's spray-painted on our own wall). Nevertheless most of these artworks carry a message: their makers engage themselves with the material and a theme and spend a lot of time and effort on these artworks - that are gorgeous for one and pure vandalism for the other, without really getting any formal recognition.


Out of respect for these icon-makers of the city, and to support them on an artistic level, we've done a walk through Arnhem's 'Hall of Fame': the place for graffiti and mutual competition between the artists. We have helped them exceed their practices and help them increase the quality of their artworks by assessing their artworks. In a group consisting of about 18 people, all somewhat allied to the art discours, we gave tips, helpful comments and of course rated the work by quality and message which we left behind through a medium the street artist will best know: graffiti.


Our colleges in the shadows deserve to be able to exceed and develop their own practices, due to the fact that they are often doing things that most regard 'forbidden' they have to do it in the shadow, that makes is very hard to develop in a more communal sense.


Today's subject: the artists that very actively paint and re-paint the 'Hall of Fame' of Arnhem. Credits pictures: Eline de Bruijn.


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Credit picture: Frits Simon