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Fröliche Wissenschaft: is a serie of old cultural and religious figures drapped in Mylar blankets. As individuals are on the run these days for all kinds of dangers and terrors, so are cultures and religions. With this work I try to actualize the position of beliefs, religions and stereotypes: for they seem very dogmatic and yet have to confirm to time, which doesn't always work out. Nevertheless, in a much secularised time, people seem to struggle when they have to go through life without having a notion of something more than all that 'is' in this world: therefore we have to rethink our ethics, beliefs and relations to others (also at the other end of the world).


In Nietzsches 'Die Fröliche Wissenschaft' he declares the Death of God (FW 125), meaning that science has taken over the position of defining the world. His problem: this also forces us to rethink our ethics, which are mostly based on centuries old religious consensus. Especially now that science has this role we should mind objectifying our world, while most of its important things in life are subjective (relations, love, politics).


The Mylar blanked can be worn in two ways: the gold side on the outside keeps yourself warm, the gold side on the inside keeps heat out.

Picture by An Stalpers Fotografica