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Eerste Hulp Bij Politiek: or in English 'First Aid With Politics', is in essence a free hotline for politicians, which they can call for all their political questions. Civilians will be answering their questions. Accidentally we also organise other projects, as the Political First Aid Kit.


In this manner we hope to support politicians, who, in the end should support and represent us. We believe politics is not a practise of just a few elected, it's a practise of us all - and we've silently embodied it in everything we do. We're all involved and therefore an accessary. Moreover politicians are people as well, so they also tend to make mistakes, that's okay, for everyone makes mistakes - but it's important that we help each other in solving mistakes.


The people don't understand you? You don't understand the people? Doesn't your campaign reach the goals you wanted it to reach? Has one of your party-members misstepped? Or did you? Are you not quite sure why people should vote for you?  Or do you have any other political question? Do not worry, specially for you there's the EHBP - Eerst Hulp Bij Politiek-hotline.


You can call us, completely free of charge, and one of our employees, a civilian, will advise you to his or her best ability. Think of help with strategy, use of language, campaign statements as well as the more visual parts of politics as appearance and marketing. In short, we have someone who can help you. Of course we will work anonymously when that fits you.


Visit our website:


Or call:   06-83 57 32 76