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Dictator(ship): dictatorship has been an object of thought and protest in the political landscape for millennia. Yet the phenomenon still persists in its myriad of forms. How can we dare to imagine an alternative world and, more importantly, to what extent does this power exert and impose itself on our current political landscape?


The exhibition ‘DICTATOR(SHIP) is a synthesis of these questions and is comprised of two elements. The first is the result of a performance which examines political aesthetics as a site of artistic subversion.  The second is a panel discussion which aims to explore how art engages with the distribution of power and its effects in the world today.


The performance is developed by a collective of artists who, inspired by Haiti, asked themselves what artistic means are available for political subversion.  The Haitian carnival, a festival which challenges and inverts the social structure, shows such a possibility.  The artists have reinterpreted carnival into a performance in which ‘hybrid dictators’, renditions of dictatorial aesthetics, have become the new refugees,  fleeing in despair from their former dictatorial position.


Thee panel discussion, led by the curator Erica Capecchi, will deliberate on the power of art to generate debate and awareness.  The included panelists are Dictator(ship) artist Eef Veldkamp, Fiona Compton (independent St. Lucian photographer and artist), Julie Angeyo (founder of Anydawe Children and Family Welfare Association), Alessandra Cianetti (live art curator and founder of performingborders) and Xavier De Sousa (independent performance maker, curator

and producer).