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De Visionarissen: is an adaptive initiative focussing on the interdisciplinary production of knowledge about contemporary theme's, both personal and on a larger scale, through art(practises). Most important is the informal setting in which we work. Through the past three years De Visionarissen has existed in many different forms: it was started as a way of finding interdisciplinary support for our art practises, which war mostly centred around our own discourse of working (i.e. art, illustration, design etc.): we found out that explicitly the interaction between different jargon’s, ways of working, could work very refreshing. A little later we decided to scale up the meetings that we had an we started working with themes, to find a common way of speaking in a lot of different people and we started to invite professionals to lecture us or present their work. Due to subsidisation we were able to professionalize our events, working on external locations with promotion which made our meetings way more accessible. For the last year we've started to host events within other events: for example we organised evenings in exhibitions and we've organized exhibitions and interactive walks in festivals. Today we still work as a nomadic initiative which works on project basis, or when the necessity seems to be there. Coming year (2016-2017) we'll host a series of artist talks in the Expoplu in Nijmegen. Underneath you'll find some of the posters of our events. Other projects of De Visionarissen you'll find on this website by searching for the emblem.-