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Connection Lost: how is power distributed? How is power accessed? It seems that form has overcome content. In a world based on facade power has a double connotation, it has become harder to have access to but it has become easier to misuse; contemporary media offer the perfect platform. In a Freudian or better said, Bernaysian world we appear to not even be able to trust ourselves; we are irrational beasts. But they offer a remedy, which had it's consequences: let us take care of your unconsciousness or irrational pars in exchange for your freedom and responsibility. There was not enough doubt and the deal had been made. These days, about half a century later we have almost forgotten this deal, but we still have to live with the consequences. Do you know how much percent of all the media we see is PR? PR or public relations council is the kind term for propaganda, Bernays, the inventor of PR even said this himself.


So what can we do? Could it help to try to look what's behind the facade? What's behind the studio? What’s in the studio and what is not? Who decides what will be filmed and what not? What's outside and inside the frame? Who are the stakeholders? What's it made of? What do the colours and composition mean?