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Con-paign II: is a sequal to Con-paign I. In both I try to distil the content from the form used in political campaigns. Usually both coexist in a well orchestrated image, where form is used to say something. Despite the fact that politics is all about dialogues campaigns seem to have adopted a commercial attitude towards engaging with the people. One important question is where does this form of engagement originate. Do people force politicians to become populist or commercial? Or does the form adopted by politicians generate a need for easy and 'to-go' politics.


In this artistic and somewhat a-typical research I made illuminating signs out of the logo's of the biggest political parties in the Netherlands. These signs are abstracts of the real logos and are made just as liquid slides - so through time the paint which now still resembles a strong political message, will become dirty mass of mixed paint in front of a bright light.

After one month