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Arc de Triomphe: Is a film in which a brass band (fanfare in Dutch) marches through an alley. (5 versions, which are different in march and music)


Alleys are a kind of non-places, they are small and dirty; they are therefor functionless and everything that does not have a function in our society is forbidden. But there is one function an alley has: it offers platform to transgression. But even this function is forbidden in our society; alley are cleaned, they are given a face lift. But this does not solve any problems. As Bataille said: people have to transgress, they have a unfulfillable urge to return to the nature, the beast like, the bodily. So as one alley is cleaned the pukers, pissers, rapists, dealers and users just move to another alley.


With this film I try to acknowledge and examine the space of an alley and celebrate it. It's the first part in a series of projects about transgression and with this film I explored the subject. The second step in my broadcast in