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Alley Walk: An alley is a interesting urban place. due to it’s size and it’s bad circumstances it doesn’t really have a function: it’s impossible to have a shop or house there. Therefore the alley is one of the only places in the urban environment that doesn’t really have a function an jet, so much happens there. Especially because it doesn’t have a function it offers platform for everyone that doesn’t really have a place in society, or people that are planning to break the rules: uri- nation in public, drug use even public sex. I see the alley a capillary of the urban blood system, it’s the smallest of the small blood vessels and it’s closest to our skin, and not unimportant: it’s where metabolism happens.


But what does really happen in an alley? To who and for what do alleys provide platform? Through an archaeological research we can trace what has happened in specific alleys. Do different alleys have different users and footprints? Do facts as length, width and the amount of light influence what alleys are used for? during this walk we have examined everything we could find in three alleys in Arnhem: de Rozemarijnsteeg, de Muntsteeg and de Vissteeg.


Results are reports, things we found, an audio podcast and pictures. Some investigated missing house numbers, others the weird substances on the ground, others the meaning of graffiti on the walls.


One interesting finding was in the Muntsteeg. It’s an dead end alley next to a gun shop and a supermarket. It’s not really used by party goers, though it is a dirty alley. In this alley, at the far end, we wound a business- card of a PVV member of the staten generaal of the provinciale staten. Many stories came up about how it could have got there.


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Credit pictures: Youri Appelo and Frits Simon