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13,80m3: the domain of the prison is very secularised and cut-off-society. The general idea of the prison is that 'normal' citizens will never be there, or get into direct contact with prisoners, therefore we mostly depend on movies and our imagination to form an idea about this domain. In the forming of this idea a lot will be speculation and assumption; it shows really well how most of our preconceptions and stereotypes are formed.


This wooden prison cell is a abstraction of our idea first and stereotypical idea of a prison cell, yet it is made of wood and very fragile: and as with stereotypes, it has to grow, being determined by the ground it's growing on and the conditions it is growing up in.


Visitors are invited to get themselves locked up for eight hours, for which they receive 2 free stays at a hotel in in return. Inside this cell the temporary prisoners can read letters from real prisoners.